Joe O.

"Thanks so much for the great massage yesterday...I'm really appreciative of your attention to detail and expert knowledge. Many thanks!!"

~Joe O.

David J.

"I had aggravated a muscle in my shoulder after clearing snow after one storm....  After a couple sessions, the shoulder is good again. Michael does great work, I highly recommend him. "

~David J.

Chrisitine J.

"Interestingly, I haven't been to the chiropractor in almost 12 weeks, think 5 or 6 was my record before...I think it's because of your massage! "

~Christine J.

Shah S.

"I picked up [my son] to carry him and I had NO pain!!
Thank you again!"

~Shah S.

Arthur B.

"Mike has done wonders for my shoulder pain, as well as provide relief for overall muscle tension caused by stress. Might sound silly but I can now turn the steering wheel without pain. Thank you!"

~Arthur B.